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Stippling, what is it? The definition of stippling is the creation of a pattern or layout using a vast amount of small dots. Now that you know what it is let us here at AT Tactical show you how we can take your firearm that was designed to fit millions, to fit one-you.

Once your firearm is stippled the excuse of “sweaty hands” will be no more. We offer various degrees of abrasiveness, with our “Tree Bark” texture. AT stippling even offers to have a design of your choice to be worked into your firearm, thus making it 100% ONE OF A KIND, we do all our work by hand, therefore; there will be no other firearm like yours. Let AT Tactical contour your firearm to fit like a glove.

You wouldn’t wear a one size fits all suit, so why carry a one size fits all firearm.

This is the all inclusive package with a slight reduction in grip circumference, single undercut or double undercut trigger guard, finger groove removal, 360 degree “Tree Bark” texture, textured index points, tactical mag well cuts. Price does not change for leaving the finger grooves in place. Not ALL options are applicable to all handgun frames.

Please note:

When shipping your weapon(s) to us for stippling, milling and/or coatings please include the following in the package with your weapon(s).

• Copy of our FFL (Email us for a copy of FFL at Sales@ATTactical.com)
• Copy of your Driver’s License
• Your return shipping info (Return label preferred)
• Invoice for services or at least a reminder of services to be performed.
• Your contact info (Phone number and email)
• Payment may be Money Order, Check, or Credit Card (We will call for number once we receive weapon)

We ask that you ship the weapon(s) via FedEx or UPS (IF ONLY shipping a slide ship via USPS) as well as forward us any and all tracking information. Return shipping for handguns is VARIES between $25-40 (requires signature) and for all long guns please call for a quote or provide us with a prepaid return label when you ship weapon. There will be NO REFUNDS issued for ANY custom service.


When purchasing a service, you are entering into an agreement to have your own item worked on as described. No work will be done on your item without your permission. All services will be offered to you as described unless otherwise discussed. Payment is due upfront on all purchases and services. If you are dissatisfied with our service for reasons other than loss, theft, damage, or a service done on your item that you did not request, AT Tactical will not be held responsible. If your weapon has rust and or pitting and is damaged during the process AT Tactical will not be held responsible. Insurance is offered by request on all shipping from our location. AT Tactical will not be held responsible for loss, theft, or damage once it has left our location. No refunds, returns or exchanges on trade work. If any refund is issued store credit only if after 15 days from receipt date. All pictures or displays are of previous work. Work may vary. NO REFUNDS

Additional information


Tree Bark

Frame Size

Full-Size, Compact, Sub-Compact


Double Undercut (STIPPLED), Double Undercut (NOT Stippled), Single ONLY

Finger Grooves

Keep, Remove

Index Points

Yes, No

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